Baby B

I thought I’d just send a quick email by way of an update on B.  After the initial hysteria, she slept for a few hours and after that didn’t seem in the least bit bothered by it all.  No problems with feeding and not grumpy at all.  We started to see an improvement in feeding within …

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Annabelle is doing really well, we didn’t have any problems with crying or bleeding. Actually so many things have improved, I think that she must have been really struggling to get enough milk earlier. She’s more awake, she’s feeding more frequently, she is doing more and bigger wees. And last night she slept in her …

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Helene and Harvey

Hi Sarah, I’ve done your survey but I just wanted to say again (non-anonymously!) how grateful we were for your help with Harvey’s tongue-tie. It is certainly the best decision we made and he’s thriving. He’s sticking his tongue out all the time now! If you ever need a testimonial for anything or just someone …

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Claire and Fin

Fin was born in the pool in the early hours of the morning, it was a wonderful birth experience. I wanted to breastfeed him straight away but he was reluctant to latch on – I was reassured this was normal. By the evening he still hadn’t had any milk and I began to worry. A …

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Dad of twins

I am a fairly hands-on person – I like to fix things myself if I can. Where I can’t fix a problem on a vehicle, I speak to a mechanic. When I can’t fix a problem with plumbing, I call a plumber. So when breast feeding didn’t get established as easily as I though it …

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I am a mum of 2 girls who are not quite two years apart in age. I found breast feeding very painful and difficult in the early days with my first daughter, which is when I started going to Sarah’s breast feeding group. I was feeling quite low and thought that I must be doing …

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Liz and Harriet

When my little girl was born in 2011, I desperately, desperately wanted to breastfeed her.   While she could latch on straight from birth, she just didn’t get how to suck.  I started pumping and cup-fed her, then moved to a bottle.  At this point, getting really desperate with no support, we were lucky enough to …

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Arabella was born at the Rosie, after complications arose at our planned home birth and we were transferred. We ended up having an epidural though still delivered her vaginally, so had to stay in hospital overnight. To be honest I had no clue about breast feeding, other than it being something I felt passionate about …

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Apologies for not getting in touch before now to let you know how things have been going. I kept meaning to email you, but I’ve no idea where my time goes these days! Anyway, I’ve got very good news to report back to you. For around 24 hours after the division, I had to give …

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