Follow up feedback

I just wanted to send a massive thank you. J turns 5 months this Friday, and she is developing so well. I’m so thankful for all your help in the first couple months as it took a lot of help and troubleshooting to wean J off expressed bottles, strengthen her suction power, and enable her …

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A friend recommended Sarah after I was having ongoing issues breastfeeding / latch pain. I had already had lots of help from various people and groups with little results or results that didn’t seem to last. My birth plan completely went out of the window when I came to it, and breastfeeding was my last …

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Sian January 2020

“My son was nine weeks old when we were referred to Sarah by our local lactation consultant who had identified his posterior tongue tie. I had sought further help after we continued to experience feeding difficulties following a NHS anterior tongue tie division when my son was six days old. Sarah immediately put my husband …

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Lucy and Anna

Just a quick note as you undertook the division of a posterior tongue tie on our baby, Anna, back in Dec/ Jan  (it all seems like a blur now). This appeared to, after 1-2 weeks shift Anna’s sucking technique from a clamp sensation to that of a cat lapping. Around about this time she became …

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Hi Sarah, Just to update you on Noah, who you treated for tongue tie back in July. He is now doing really well. I had messaged you previously to say that he still wasn’t raising his tongue but he is now doing it confidently. He has taken to solids really well and it’s lovely to …

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I wanted to thank you for all your magical help with Agatha. Since December I’ve been struggling to make her comfortable and only now I feel I’ve got my content baby back. You’re a miracle worker, thank you. From emailing you late on the Monday night I can’t believe how quickly you saw us and …

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Rachel and Sam

A friend of mine had sent me the link to Sarah’s website when Sam was 3 ½ months and I can still vividly remember reading the testimonial’s and feeling 99% sure that my son Sam was tongue tied. Sam was my second child and it had been a hard and emotional 3 ½ months. When …

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