Breast Pump Flange Fitting

Picture of breast pumps

Many families express milk for their babies and there can be many reasons for doing this including feeding a non latching baby, returning to work, increasing milk supply, providing milk for top ups, and inducing lactation.

But a lot of families are confused by the wide range of pumps on the market and pumping is sometimes uncomfortable and time consuming and doesn’t always produce the quantities of milk we would like. 

These sessions will help you choose the right pump for your needs and also help you with flange fitting. If a flange is not the correct size this will impact comfort and efficiency during pumping. In many cases the flange supplied with the pump is too large. We will also explore pumping techniques and agree a pumping pattern to suit your needs.

Breast pump flange fitting sessions are offered in the Burwell clinic and can be booked via the website for a cost of £50.