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Due to the pandemic I am still doing all feeding support consultations online and will be doing an online assessment prior to seeing all babies for tongue-tie division. The online assessment enables me to assess the severity and urgency of the feeding difficulties, confirm that baby is likely to need a division, take a medical history to ensure there are no contraindications to division, ensure a feeding plan is in place if needed and do the consent for division. It minimises face to face contact and therefore reduces the risk of Covid transmission and is in line with advice given by Public Health England and is for everyone's safety.

Parents seeking division book an appointment for the division and pay a deposit at booking and then I will contact you to arrange an online consultation for assessment prior to the division appointment. This will mean that parents will have to submit the forms, photos and videos for the online assessment within 24 hours of booking in for division but this will be explained in detail on the booking confirmation email.

Whilst we are still managing the  pandemic I will not be offering home visits as I feel I cannot offer the same levels of infection control and prevention or see babies as promptly as I can in the clinics. Home visits are very time consuming due to travel, and given that I cover 3 counties, are a very poor use of time and would greatly reduce the numbers of babies I can see.


It is helpful if you include your location and your phone number in your message. Sometimes my replies to emails are filtered out into spam/trash/junk folders so if you don't hear from me within 24 hours please check.

Details of what I charge can be found on the 'prices' page.

You are very welcome to phone me to discuss your requirements on 07729 629190.

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