Lactation Consultant

Private clinic consultations and home visits to help with a range of issues including: latching difficulties; sore nipples; blocked ducts and mastitis; thrush and other nipple/breast infections; concerns about milk supply;  weight loss and slow weight gain;  relactation and induced lactation; wind/colic, reflux and allergies;  premature babies; babies with special needs, twins and other multiples; tongue-tie. 

Please be aware that I am not currently offering home visits. You will need to book an appointment to see me in a clinic.

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What is a Lactation Consultant?

International Board Certified  Lactation Consultants (IBCLC) are professionals with extensive experience and in depth knowledge in supporting breastfeeding mothers.  Qualification is via a 4 hour degree level examination and to enter the exam practitioners must have completed a set number of breastfeeding counselling hours over a set period. In my case I had to demonstrate that I had spent 2500 hours supporting breastfeeding mothers before I was eligible. IBCLCs are required to prove they have kept up to date every 5 years and to resit the exam every 10 years. They come from a variety of backgrounds in medicine, nursing, midwifery and breastfeeding counselling. Most are women. But a few are men as there is no requirement to have breastfed yourself in order to be an IBCLC. It is the highest recognised qualification in breastfeeding.

The exam includes the following areas related to lactation: anatomy and physiology, endocrinology, biochemistry, nutrition, immunology and infectious disease, pathology, pharmacology, psychology, sociology, anthropology, research and ethics.

Lactation Consultants have specialist skills to support mothers and babies with the more complex issues such as prematurity, twins and multiples, sick babies and those with special needs, poor weight gain and low milk supply, sucking problems, tongue-tie and cleft palate.

Some IBCLCs work within the NHS and voluntary sector but the majority work privately as I do as there are very few opportunities in  the NHS and the value of IBCLCs and breastfeeding expertise in the UK health system is still not acknowledged. Many people within the NHS and private sectors call themselves breastfeeding consultants or specialists but do not have the IBCLC credential. IBCLCs are regulated by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners (IBLCE). You can check that the person supporting you is an IBCLC on the IBLCE register at this link

As an IBCLC I can offer parents antenatal consultations to prepare for breastfeeding and early parenthood as well as support with feeding after the birth. As an expert in infant feeding I can also offer training to other breastfeeding supports and healthcare professionals.


I offer clinic consultations at

Bury St Edmunds - The Self Centre, 4 Kempson Way, Bury St Edmunds, IP32 7AR. Free parking outside clinic and on road.

Cambridge - Coach House Healthcare, Anstey Hall Courtyard, Maris Lane, Cambridge, CB2 9LG. Free parking outside the clinic in the courtyard.

Somersham (Huntingdon) - Harding Physiotherapy, 20 West Newlands, Somersham, PE28 3EB. Free parking outside clinic and on the road.

Hethersett (Norwich) - Rowan House Centre, 28 Queens Road, Hethersett, NR9 3DB. Free parking on site and on the road.

I also offer consultations in the home (for clients within 30 miles travelling distance of  Ely) when I have capacity. The area covered  for home visits includes Cambridgeshire, West Suffolk (Newmarket/Mildenhall/Bury St Edmunds area)or West Norfolk  (Downham Market/King's Lynn/Swaffham area). NB: I AM NOT CURRENTLY OFFERING HOME VISITS DUE TO THE PANDEMIC.

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    • Online consultation for breastfeeding assessment and support £60 (with a further charge of £40 if a face to face appointment is needed in clinic).
    • Clinic follow up consultations £50

To book home consultations please phone 07729629190 or email

  • Home visits £125 for breastfeeding support and assessment
  • Antenatal consultations at home £75 and in clinic £50

Follow up consultations £75 in the home

Registered with and regulated by the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

Insured by Hiscox.

Member of Lactation Consultants of Great Britain, United States Lactation Consultant Association, The Association of Tongue-tie Practitioners and The Royal College of Nursing

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