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This course is suitable for professionals who divide tongue-tie and for those involved in assessing and/or supporting families with tongue-tied infants including Midwives, Health Visitors, IBCLCs, Breastfeeding Counsellors and Peer Supporters, GPs and other medical professionals, Dentists, Speech Therapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Cranial Sacral Therapists, Doulas and Maternity Nurses. This course is theory based only. It does not teach you the practical technique of division, but is helpful as preparation for those planning to train to divide or for updating experienced tongue-tie practitioners. 

There are 5 core modules which include a mix of text, videos and quizzes. Where possible I suggest using a desktop, laptop or tablet to access the course as some elements may not display so well on all mobile phones.

CERPS – 10 L CERPS have been awarded for this course.

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What’s included in the Tongue-tie and Infant Feeding Course?

Module one looks at tongue-tie anatomy and potential causes of tongue-tie. Module two covers how tongue-tie can impact feeding and tongue-tie assessment. Module three explores how tongue-tie is treated and and the evidence base behind this. Module four focuses on supporting families in accessing diagnosis and treatment and strategies to support babies with tongue-tie to feed better pre and post division. The final module looks at myths and controversies including disruptive wound management, speech issues, dental issues and concerns about airway and sleep disorders.

There is an opportunity as part of this course to attend my tongue-tie and feeding clinic near Cambridge for a day to observe and learn so you can link the theory with this course to practice. You will also be given access to a Facebook group for sharing ideas and information, asking me questions, discussion of cases you may be seeing and so on.

What people have said about the course

I finally finished the course. Can I just please formally say that it was an privilege to be able to ‘test’ the course but also the content was exceptional. It was much better than the old course you did, and whilst I don’t normally like videos the videos actually were very good. In particular I liked the info on the oral exercises and the attachments. In short, THANK YOU. I’m going to be very excited to be able to recommend this course. Tors Pearcy IBCLC

I finished the course on Friday and I really loved it! It took me the full ten hours, but I had split it over several days. I liked that it was split into modules which meant that I could do a little and then go back to it when I had time. It made it very accessible. I found the level of information very good and feel that I have gained a lot of knowledge. I found your videos to be nuanced and you explained where the information came from and what it means in a very understandable way. I was a little nervous about the quizzes because I never test well but I was pleasantly surprised but how much information I was able to retain. I think this will be very beneficial for me as a doula and breastfeeding counsellor and hopefully it will mean I have more knowledge when supporting people with possible tongue ties. Thank you very much for the opportunity to do the course. Danielle Doula and trainee BFC

I have completed a previous course on tongue tie’s so I was interested to see if this course would add anything different. It absolutely did! I am already a tongue tie practitioner, although I’m relatively new to it, been qualified a year and I found course reaffirmed what I do in practice, and gave me some new information. I found the information on exercises pre and post division and the myth buster sections particularly helpful for what I often get asked in practice. I really liked the lay out and the fact there was written information as well as video’s and power points and the fact that I could pick up where I left off. I really liked the quizzes too. I loved all the references, these will really help as I continue my journey as a tongue tie practitioner. I will definitely be trying to find funding for some of my colleagues in the infant feeding team to do this training, both tongue tie practitioners and the staff that support infant feeding. Thank you. Amy Davies MW and Tongue-tie Practitioner

Please be aware that I am no longer associated with and no longer endorse the previous online course which I wrote back in 2018 for another platform.

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