Baby B

I thought I’d just send a quick email by way of an update on B.  After the initial hysteria, she slept for a few hours and after that didn’t seem in the least bit bothered by it all.  No problems with feeding and not grumpy at all.  We started to see an improvement in feeding within a couple of days and gradually over the last two weeks, it has continued to improve.  She has a lovely deep latch now, but still clicks a little bit especially with a fast flow.  We also had her weighed just after the division and she had dropped  down the centiles ever so slightly, so she clearly was having problems with feeding those few weeks when she had been so fussy.  She appears a much happier/settled baby now and her sleep has returned to a more normal pattern, which is fantastic news for me!  My mastitis and cracked nipples have also cleared up at long last! So, a really, really good result, so glad now that we went for it. Many thanks for all your help and advice with getting us this far (5 months) despite all the hurdles.

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