Lucy and Anna

Just a quick note as you undertook the division of a posterior tongue tie on our baby, Anna, back in Dec/ Jan  (it all seems like a blur now). This appeared to, after 1-2 weeks shift Anna’s sucking technique from a clamp sensation to that of a cat lapping. Around about this time she became much more aware of her tongue and started sticking it out which she had never done previously. On visiting you for the division we were using nipple shields and had started combination feeding with formula, however the division allowed me to continue breast feeding which was wonderful and we weaned Anna off the shields around 4 months (with some nudging to get the correct latch again). So, a big thank you to you. At 6 months we’re still breastfeeding which is unbelievable considering the troubles I had over the first 1-2 months. I didn’t picture getting to this point!


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