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This course is based on my study day on tongue-tie and infant feeding but is more in depth and is suitable for professionals who divide tongue-tie and for those involved in assessing and/or supporting families with tongue-tied infants including Midwives, Health Visitors, IBCLCs, Breastfeeding Counsellors and Peer Supporters, GPs and other medical professionals, Dentists, Speech Therapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Cranial Sacral Therapists, Doulas and Maternity Nurses. This course is theory based only. Practical training to perform tongue-tie division is available through Wolverhampton University and Southampton University Hospital (NHS) Trust and is entirely separate from this course. See here for more information.

There are 5 core modules which include a mix of text, audio, videos and quizzes. You can listen to the audio version whilst on the go and access free ongoing support and additional information through a closed facebook group.

The course is available at OCN levels 3 & 4 (equivalent to A level and degree level) and there is the option to do the course without OCN accreditation too. CERPS have been  awarded at 5.75L CERPS for the unaccredited and level 3 options and 8L CERPS for the level 4 course. The course is suitable for CPD and revalidation. The basic course without OCN accreditation will take 6-8 hours to complete. The accredited options take 20-30 hours to complete as they include a written assignment. Level 4 also includes 3 bonus webinars covering the implications of tongue-tie on speech with Mags Kirk Independent Speech and Language Therapist, how osteopathy can support an infant with tongue-tie with Louise Beland Osteopath and a webinar with me on the impact of tongue-tie on sleep.



‘’I have just completed the Babyem tongue-tie training and it was fantastic thank you. I loved the way it was set out in easy to do small chunks with feedback as you go. It was also good to have a mixture of videos, research links and photos. I found it useful to hear and read the information at the same time. I feel that this would suit anyone who is hoping to train to do frenulotomies or those who work with breastfeeding mums and babies and need a bit more information. It would also be useful for management staff and the paediatric teams. I will certainly recommend it to potential trainees.’’

Jayne Threlfall (Midwife, IBCLC and Tongue-tie Practitioner, Wessex Tongue-tie Service, Southampton University Hospital NHS Trust).

“I really valued the insights I gained on this course. As an IBCLC and NHS tongue tie specialist midwife, I found it to be a thorough, well researched informative training course. I would highly recommend it especially to fellow midwives, health visitors, paediatric and neonatal nurses, doctors and anyone with a keen interest in restrictive lingual frenulum (tongue tie). Sarah has a huge knowledge base on the subject which she shares here. She is honest about what we do not yet know, and about the myths and controversies involved in the subject.”
Luisa Lyons (Registered Midwife & IBCLC)

“This course on tongue tie is very comprehensive. It addresses all the common questions, concerns and misconceptions around tongue tie in a factual and easy to digest way. I have enjoyed working my way through it and would highly recommend to health professionals and anyone supporting infant feeding. ”
Fiona Munro-Muotune (IBCLC, Registered Nurse & Health Visitor)'

“The course is detailed and analytic and I especially enjoyed the wealth of supporting strategies and videos with Sarah Oakley which demonstrated her extensive experience and passion for the subject.
As a result of this course, I feel better equipped to support mums and their infants throughout their breastfeeding journeys and highly recommend this course for all professionals support families and infants.”
Doris Nginis (Maternity Nurse)

Photo of Osteopath, Louise Beland
Louise Beland
Photo of Mags Kirk, speech therapist
Mags Kirk

What’s included in the Tongue-tie and infant Feeding Course?

Module 1

Tongue-tie and Infant Feeding

  • Definition of tongue-tie?
  • Incidence of tongue-tie in infants
  • Impact of tongue-tie on infant feeding

Module 2

How to identify a potential tongue-tie in an infant

  • Issues with screening and diagnosis of tongue-tie in infants
  • Signs and symptoms of tongue-tie
  • Assessment of tongue-tie

Module 3

Treatment of tongue-tie in infants

  • The procedure used for treating tongue-tie in infants and its history
  • Evidence supporting division of tongue-tie in infants with feeding difficulties
  • Potential complications of the procedure

Module 4

Supporting families with babies with tongue-tie

  • Helping parents to access diagnosis and treatment
  • Strategies to help mothers to continue to breastfeed pre and post division
  • Fostering realistic expectations of treatment

Module 5

Myths and controversies

  • Posterior tongue-ties and faux tie
  • Understanding laser versus scissor division
  • Lip tie and buccal ties
  • Recurrence of tongue-tie – causes and prevention

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