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I run 3 free drop in groups where I offer free information and support. These groups can get very busy and as a result the assessment and support I give will be brief and limited and is absolutely not a substitute for the more thorough assessment and support I can offer privately. These groups should be seen as an addition to support from the NHS or from me privately and not as a replacement for it. In terms of tongue-tie assessment I can provide enough information to help you decide if further assessment with a view to division is something you need to or wish to pursue. However, whether you then go via the NHS or private routes for this, a more thorough feeding and tongue-tie assessment should be carried out by the practitioner prior to the division. For this reason I do not offer discounts to families seen for assessment in these groups.

Ely MILKS Breastfeeding Support Group at The Ely Cathedral Centre, Palace Green, Ely  every Thursday 1.30-2.30pm. See and the Ely MILKS Facebook page for more information. I run this group in conjunction with local breastfeeding counsellors and peer supporters and will not be there every week.

STEDMUNDSBABY Breastfeeding Support Group Alternate Tuesdays 3-4pm at The Self Centre, 4 Kempson Way, Bury St Edmunds, IP31 7AR.  See the StEdmundsbaby Breastfeeding Support Group Facebook page for more information.

MILTON FREE FEEDING ASSESSMENT CLINIC for babies and toddlers up to age two. This drop in clinic is not just for breastfed babies. We will assess and provide information and support for babies and toddlers with any kind of feeding difficulty including bottle fed babies, babies having issues with reflux and intolerances, weaning issues, fussy eaters, babies who gag and choke. I run it alongside a speech and language therapist and a cranial osteopath.  Attendance at this clinic should be a one off. Follow up support will need to be sought through the NHS or privately unless we ask you to attend a second time. The clinic runs alternate Wednesdays 9.30-10.30am at Milton Community Centre, Coles Road, Milton, CB24 6BL.

Please note that none of my free groups/clinics receive funding from the NHS or County Councils. The ELY MILKS group is run by a committee of volunteers and fund raisers to cover it’s costs so we ask for a donation of £1 from those families attending to go towards venue hire. The STEDMUNDSBABY Group is able to run because the Self Centre very generously provides a venue and I give my time for free. The Milton clinic is funded by myself, Mags Kirk Independent Speech Therapist and Moraig Goodwin Osteopath.

Dates of when Milton and  Bury groups are open and when I will be in attendance at ElyMilks:

Milton –   25 July (this will be the last ever Milton session)

Ely –    21 June/ 19 July

Bury St Edmunds –  24 July/7 August & 21 August


FOLLOW UP GROUP (for my private clients only)

I offer a free follow up group for my private clients at Milton Community Centre, Coles Road, Milton, CB24 6BL.  The drop in runs Wednesdays from 10.30-11.30 am after the assessment clinic on the dates shown in the box above. It is open to anyone who has seen me for a private consultation within the previous 6 weeks who would like some free follow up support. Please be aware that this will be a busy group situation so my time will be limited to no more than 10 minutes per person and the group will close promptly at 11.30am.  If you have complex concerns or it is more than 6 weeks since your last private consultation you will need to book a home visit or private clinic consultation.

NB: If your baby has been treated for tongue-tie by another private practitioner and you need follow up help you should go back to them as they have a responsibility to provide this. If you wish to see me for any reason following division by another private practitioner then you need to book a private appointment with me. The assessment and foll0w up clinics  do not provide free follow up to those already under the care of another private practitioner.








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