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Free Breastfeeding Support Groups

I currently run one free drop in group where I offer free information and support:-

  • Ely MILKS Breastfeeding Support Group in Ely

ElyMilks can get very busy and as a result the assessment and support I give will be brief and limited and is absolutely not a substitute for the more thorough assessment and support I can offer privately.

This group should be seen as an addition to support from the NHS or from me privately and not as a replacement for it.

In terms of tongue-tie assessment I can provide enough information to help you decide if further assessment with a view to division is something you need to or wish to pursue. However, whether you then go via the NHS or private routes for this, a more thorough feeding and tongue-tie assessment should be carried out by the practitioner prior to the division. For this reason I do not offer discounts to families seen for assessment in these groups.

Please note that ElyMilks does not receive any funding from the NHS or County Council and is funded through donations and fundraising. All staff in ElyMilks are volunteers.

Ely Milks

Ely Milks Breastfeeding Support Group at The Ely Cathedral Centre, Palace Green, Ely  every Thursday 1.30-2.30pm. See Ely MILKS Facebook page for more information. I run this group in conjunction with local breastfeeding counsellors and peer supporters and will not be there every week.

We ask for a donation of £1 from those families attending to go towards venue hire.

Forthcoming dates when I will be in attendance at Ely MILKS:

20 June, 4, 18 & 25 July.

On Thursday 20 June 2019 ElyMilks will be held at The Village Hall, Ely Road, Queen Adelaide, Ely (next to the garage). There is free parking. To mark Breastfeeding Celebration Week we will be having a photographer attend and there will be cake and a small gift for each mum attending.