Sian January 2020

“My son was nine weeks old when we were referred to Sarah by our local lactation consultant who had identified his posterior tongue tie. I had sought further help after we continued to experience feeding difficulties following a NHS anterior tongue tie division when my son was six days old.

Sarah immediately put my husband and I at ease, listened attentively to our son’s birth story and how feeding was going up to this point and then observed a feed. Having sought help from numerous other sources in the previous weeks, it was the first time someone observing our feed actually explained my son’s shallow latch and the number of sucks to swallow ratio. As well as the practical steps of feeding, it’s also a hugely emotional topic for any mum and as a first time mum, I felt like my experience was really being listened to and that I wasn’t imagining a problem. It was such a joy to see our son stick his tongue out properly for the first time! Sarah also provided a consultation plan which I’m pleased to say that four weeks on, I no longer experience the level of pain and discomfort I was experiencing and I’m following her advice on how to build up my milk supply as we gradually wean off the formula.

I really wish I’d followed my gut instinct when feeding continued to be difficult after the first division and had seen Sarah much earlier. I would recommend Sarah to any mum wishing to discuss infant feeding, not just tongue tie. Of all of the people I have seen about our feeding difficulties, her level of knowledge and professional experience has been second to none.”

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