Apologies for not getting in touch before now to let you know how things have been going. I kept meaning to email you, but I’ve no idea where my time goes these days! Anyway, I’ve got very good news to report back to you. For around 24 hours after the division, I had to give Rowan a small bit of expressed milk at the start of each feed, just to calm him down enough to focus on trying to latch to me. After some effort and cajoling, he’d then take the rest of his feed from me – no need for any formula. By the second day, I didn’t even need to give him the expressed milk, and ever since he’s been breast-feeding like an absolute pro! I had him weighed at 3 and a half weeks, and he was 7oz over his birth weight, so he’s going great guns and all the midwives and the health visitor are all really pleased with him (the word ‘perfect’ has been mentioned a couple of times!).I can’t believe how quickly Rowan got the hang of feeding with his new tongue. What a clever boy! I wasn’t expecting an instant fix from the division, but actually it feels like that’s exactly what it was. Thanks so much, Sarah! It means a great deal to me that I’m able to breast feed Rowan, and now me and Chris know he’s getting the best possible start in life.  Thanks again. You’re performing a fantastic service for mums and babies!


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