I am a mum of 2 girls who are not quite two years apart in age. I found breast feeding very painful and difficult in the early days with my first daughter, which is when I started going to Sarah’s breast feeding group. I was feeling quite low and thought that I must be doing it all wrong (as I had heard from so many people that if it hurts you are doing it wrong). With support from Sarah and the other mums I got through these issues (namely that my daughter’s mouth was very small). I continued to breast feed for 12 months without any problems – I thoroughly enjoyed feeding her and found it so much more convenient than my friends who were bottle feeding. With my second daughter, given that it was a less than 12 months since I had been feeding my other daughter, I imagined I would have no issues. Unfortunately, this was not the case. I was having problems latching on, staying on, and with her getting lots of air in, leading to lots of wind and sick. I found this so frustrating, and could not understand where we were going wrong. I went to see Sarah, who diagnosed a tongue-tie, which she dealt with a few days later. Our problems have not been completely resolved, but we are getting there. We will continue to access Sarah’s support and advice, and I am confident that things will improve and we will enjoy all the benefits that breast feeding has to offer.



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