A friend recommended Sarah after I was having ongoing issues breastfeeding / latch pain. I had already had lots of help from various people and groups with little results or results that didn’t seem to last. My birth plan completely went out of the window when I came to it, and breastfeeding was my last part I just didn’t want to let go of. By the time I found Sarah I was absolutely desperate. We had a few issues working against us as it was, including an allergy. Advice was completely conflicting depending who you spoke to within the NHS and I had no idea who to listen to. Sarah managed to see me very quickly which gave me some relief to feel supported. She was very thorough getting to the bottom of our issues and explained how it was all related. She checked for a tongue tie which was completely negative, but did notice lots of tension and suggested we saw an osteopath also.
I saw Sarah a couple of extra times at the free clinic she runs and also had lots of email support – she really does invest a whole lot of time in you!
It was quite a rollercoaster for a while but she really was a hand to hold through the whole process.
I couldn’t be more thankful to get where we are now, and to have continued our breastfeeding journey.
My initial goal was 6 Months but feel so much time has been invested, that I desperately want to extend this! Not to mention the joy and bond it gives me with my baby. I can so proudly know that with the support and help I’ve received, my little one never needed a drop a formula and is stacking the healthy weight on.
Thank you so much Sarah, thank you for all your knowledge, experience, advice and time! Thank you for putting on free clinics also to further support struggling Mummy’s & babies

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