Lara and Isabella April 2021

Hi Sarah,

Hope this finds you well. I think of you often and our feeding journey. We are still going with the breastfeeding and it has added to my experience of motherhood more than I could ever have imagined.

I just wanted to thank you sincerely for helping us to get here. You never made me feel embarrassed or an inconvenience – even though I must have been a pain sometimes!

We have started on solids but I still look forward to my time with Isabella when it comes to feeding. I never got to experience this with my first and I’m grateful daily that we made it this far.

You do a very important job and you truly changed my experience. I don’t expect a reply – I know you will be helping other desperate mothers like I was so don’t want to take up your time, I just wanted to thank you for everything and let you know how much of an impression you have left.

Sincere thanks always,

Lara and Isabella x

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