Hi Sarah,

You may not remember me but Autumn 2021 we saw you a couple of times in your clinic (and a couple of times at Ely Milks) with our son Joshua.  He had a very severe tongue tie (you said it was probably one of the worst 5 you’ve ever seen), and had to have two snips. It’s been a while but I wanted to send you our huge thanks, and an update on little (well not so little now!) Josh.

It was a really tough period for us as new parents, with almost no weight gain and a very unhappy little baby, and with incredibly painful and difficult feeding. Josh also had multiple allergies, which exacerbated the weight problem even more! But finally after some really tough weeks we saw you and got the massive improvements, advice, and help we needed! Thank you so so much!

Having Josh’s tongue tie snipped was an absolute game changer, but the tons of advice you gave was also absolutely wonderful – in particular, you gave me lots of advice about power pumping and what pump to use etc which I think were essential in improving my milk supply after so long struggling to feed. I stopped breastfeeding this September, after just over a year, and looking back at those tough early days I wouldn’t have believed I’d get there! After the tongue tie snip breastfeeding became so easy and enjoyable, and I’m so grateful that I got to carry on that long, and have that experience, thank you.

You warned us that Josh might not stick his tongue out as he was a few weeks old before we saw you and the tie was so severe, but you said not to worry about this as it was likely psychological rather than physiological. Exactly as predicted he’d almost never poke his tongue out, and would give a real nervous laugh on the odd occasion that he’d peek his tongue, very tentatively, just through his lips a tiny bit. Because of your advice I wasn’t stressed or worried about this at all, thank you! I gently encouraged the few times he’d attempt a bit of a tongue sticking out, and would stick my tongue out at him (he was always very interested and amused by this!), but never really worried or pushed this. Then in early November after spending some time with another child who was doing a lot of sticking their tongue out, Josh suddenly started really went for it, and after that has been frequently sticking his tongue out!! It took a year, but suddenly he decided he was ready!

Now Josh is a thriving little 1 year old. His weight is great, and alongside frequently sticking his tongue out he’s started exploring trying twisting and rolling it!

I’ve attached a photo of him with his tongue out – like every proud mum I was keen to document and share this new skill, but especially wanted to share it with you and thank you for helping us get here!

Thank you so much, you made such a difference to our little family.



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