Young women in mother and child group playing with their baby kids

‘In the Moment’ Breastfeeding Support Group

This session will run fortnightly at The Self Centre, Bury St Edmunds. As well as providing practical support and information with all aspects of breastfeeding the group will incorporate mindfulness strategies such as meditation and affirmations. There will also be guest speakers and/or topics at some sessions providing, for example, information on infant sleep, baby wearing, alternative therapies for parent and babies, massage and yoga.


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The cost of the session is £10 payable no later than 24 hours in advance and is non refundable. Cost includes a free drink from the café.

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Time and Place

The group will meet from 13.00-14.30pm at The Self Centre, 4 Kempson Way, Bury St Edmunds IP32 7AR on Monday 13 Jan, Wed 5 Feb, Wed 19 Feb, Wed 4 March, Wed 18 March .

Registered with and regulated by the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

Insured by Hiscox.

Member of Lactation Consultants of Great Britain, United States Lactation Consultant Association, The Association of Tongue-tie Practitioners and The Royal College of Nursing

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