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Holistic Sleep Coaching

At the end of 2018 I was fortunate to have the opportunity to study infant sleep with Lyndsey Hookway (Paediatric Nurse, Health Visitor and IBCLC) and author of the book Holistic Sleep Coaching so I am now offering parents help and support with infant and child sleep concerns. In the early months of a baby’s life much of this work will involve educating parents on normal infant development, sleep and feeding patterns and helping parents to understand factors which may help optimise sleep and factors which may interfere with sleep. It is normal for babies to wake frequently at night and to need close contact and frequent support from their parents in order to sleep so the approach is definitely not about sleep training. However, as babies get older and become toddlers and young children there is lots we can do to help parents cope with sleep difficulties and help the children develop healthy sleep habits,  in the same way as professionals in infant feeding support parents to help their children feed well and develop good eating habits.

Holistic Sleep Coaching takes in to account the child’s developmental stage, sleep biology, family dynamics and relationships, the sleep environment, any stresses and strains such as illness in the child or parent, the emotional and psychological needs of the child and the need for rest and sleep of the parents. Sleep plans are completely individualised and the family chooses what strategies and changes they want to try as they are the experts on their child. Everything is done at the child’s pace and there are no strategies that involve leaving the baby or child to cry. This is not a quick fix, ‘one size fits all’ approach but rather a way to make some changes that will slowly and respectfully help everyone get more sleep for the longer term.

Holistic Sleep Coaching package one £200 for sleep diary analysis and sleep plan, one phone/email consultation of one hour and 4 follow up email/phone contacts for up to 6 weeks after plan is provided.

Holistic Sleep Coaching package two £300 for sleep diary analysis and sleep plan, face to face consultation of one hour either in the home or clinic (depending in client location) and 4 follow up email/phone contacts for up to 6 weeks after plan is provided.

Holistic Sleep Workshop for newborns (0-6 months) £50

This workshop is for expectant and new parents - Read more and book here








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