A nipple shield story

Just wanted to share a positive development in our feeding journey.

It took 18weeks (15post division) but Edward has suddenly started feeding without nipple shields. I don’t think I believed you and others who said it will likely just happen when he’s ready. I used to try daily, then gave up about a month ago and then he just randomly went for it when side lying last week, and we’ve worked a bit on latch and he’s now not ever requiring the shields.

It’s made an enormous difference. He now suck swallows continuously, and drains a breast in 5-10mins. I was previously feeding for 30-60mins and it seemed like hard work for him he regularly had to pause/tires at the breast because each swallow took many sucks. This has made daytime naps easier because he’s actually finishing a feed and is satiated enough to sleep rather than needing to go back on frequently.

So thanks for dividing his tongue tie and please do keep reassuring any shield users that it likely will just happen when they are ready! I really had given up hope!

The shields were vital as he couldn’t latch but also I always felt like they were a bit of a barrier and almost like I wasn’t feeding him ‘properly’. I realise that’s not true, but it was a hard feeling to shake and somehow dropping the shields and feeling him on my skin directly has helped with bonding and my mood.

Hoping this is the start of a much more positive feeding journey for us because I wasn’t really enjoying it and was constantly worried that he wasn’t actually getting the milk, despite a copious supply.


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